Who owns the properties being sold on LandOwnershipMax.com? 
All properties sold on LandOwnershipMax.com is the property of Land Ownership Max unless otherwise noted. 

Why would you want my land?
We are an investment company and if you are speaking to us about the purchase of your land then we are currently purchasing property in your area.  We’re looking to help people who have owned property for many years and are tired, for whatever reason, of paying property taxes on something they do not use. If you or someone you know is looking to be relieved of that responsibility, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What if I change my mind about a purchase or sale? 
All sales are final so please be sure to do proper research prior to purchasing on our website. 

What kind of documents do I need to purchase? 
We just ask for a valid form of ID as well as a down payment for the property you wish to purchase. The down payment is due the moment you choose to purchase a property.

Can I buy more than one property? 
Yes, you can buy as many properties as you want!

IMPORTANT: You should always check with the county on the zoning and approved uses of the property you purchase.  The county planning and zoning department will also be able to tell you about the current and future development plans for the area. While we do our best to share everything we know about these properties, nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.